Bereavement Programs

Losing a Loved One is Never Easy…

Center for Hospice Care offers a variety of grief and bereavement services to help you through this difficult process.

Grief is a natural response to experiencing the death of someone we hold dear. You don’t have to go through this alone. We have licensed counselors and trained volunteers who provide services to help you cope with the many grief reactions you can experience.

Our grief and bereavement programs are available at no charge to anyone in the agency’s service area. We offer individual, family, and group counseling for children, teens and adults as well as additional grief programs. Please click the links below to learn more or call the Life Transition Center at 574-255-1064 for more information.

For more information about our bereavement services, drop by our Life Transition Center at Mishawaka. You may also call us at (574) 255-1064.

Why choose Center for Hospice Care for Grief Support?

Center for Hospice Care’s licensed counselors have helped, guided, and educated thousands of grieving individuals over the years. Please reach out to learn more about the many programs available to you and your family. In addition to individual, family and group counseling, we offer an annual grief camp for youth, an annual family workshop, and art counseling.

Hopefully, through these support groups, you may learn to accept your loss and find peace in your heart.

You can learn more about each of our programs below:

Individual and Family Counseling is available by calling the office nearest you.

  • Living with Loss Group: A once per week, time-limited group providing education and support for individuals who have experienced the death of a significant person in their life. Offered periodically at each location.
  • Finding Resilience: An ongoing support group for individuals who have completed a Living with Loss group and are early in their grief journey.
  • Rebuilding Our Lives: An ongoing support group for those that are further along in their grief journey and are focused on building a new life.
  • Yoga Grief Support: An ongoing grief group using gentle mat yoga to help you focus on and cope with your physical and emotional grief experience. Facilitated by Bereavement Counselor Annette Deguch RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) and offered at our Mishawaka office. Open to current clients of the Bereavement Department.
  • Forget Me Not: An ongoing support group for parents who have experienced the death of a baby during pregnancy, childbirth, or infancy. Offered at our Mishawaka office.
  • Young Widows and Widowers: An educational and ongoing support group for widows/widowers age 55 and under who have recently experienced the death of their partner or spouse. Offered at our Mishawaka office.
  • Good Grief Gals: An ongoing support group for women whose partner/spouse has died.
  • Good Grief Guys: A monthly breakfast for men dealing with the death of a partner/spouse.
  • The Hero Within: An ongoing experiential grief group that explores how the human spirit is not defeated by suffering and even in the face of death can grow stronger with honesty,courage and love. Offered at our Plymouth office.
  • Loss After Addiction Group: An ongoing educational and grief support group for people who have experienced the death of a loved one to overdose and/or abuse of alcohol/drugs. Offered at our Mishawaka office.
  • Suicide Survivor’s Support Group: An ongoing support group for anyone that has experienced the death of a significant person from suicide.  Offered at our Plymouth office
  • Crafting Memories: A monthly group that supports healthy memory work through crafts. Completion of a Living with Loss group is required. Call to register each month. Offered at our Mishawaka office.
  • After Images Art Counseling Program: Provides an opportunity for Individuals to explore grief through the use of art, painting and drawing in an expressive counseling program.  No art experience is needed. Offered at our Mishawaka office.
  • Movie & Chat: Join other bereaved in viewing a movie with grief themes and then participate in an optional roundtable discussion. Offered regularly throughout the year.

Children and teens are typically unaccustomed to understanding and processing their grief. Center for Hospice Care’s Life Transition Center has programs and services to help.

  • Children’s Grief Support Group: A once per week time-limited group providing education and emotional support to children, ages 6-12, dealing with the death of a loved one.
  • Teen’s Grief Support Group: This is an ongoing group for teens, ages 13-17 (18 if still in high school), that have experienced the death of someone significant in their lives. The group provides grief education and the opportunity for grieving teens to share with and be supported by their peers.
  • School Groups: Time-limited grief support groups are offered at area schools. Please call for locations.

Camp Evergreen:

  • A weekend grief  camp in early summer for youth and teens ages 10-17 (18 if still in high school) that have experienced the death of a significate person in their lives.
  • A Saturday workshop in the fall for parents/guardians and their children, ages 6-9, that have experienced the death of a significant person in their lives.
Some people have difficulty expressing their grief either in individual or group counseling sessions. We’ve found that they may need a different outlet and that art could be a good channel for their emotions. Our art counseling programs offers a deeply personal counseling experience that can help reticent individuals cope with grief. To learn more, please visit our After Images page.

We organize an annual camping activity where children and teens get to break the monotony of their daily life and meet other people their age who’ve also experienced loss. Participants get to release their emotions through outdoor camping activities. They will have kind and caring adults who’ll show them that it’s okay to have fun and continue enjoying life. Learn more on our Camp Evergreen page.

Center for Hospice Care has multiple bereavement groups and events to help anyone through any stage of the grief process.

  • Daughters Remembering Retreat:  A retreat for women who are at least 6 months since the death of their mother. It provides a supportive grief experience with facilitated group sharing and time for individual reflection.
  • Grief Forum: A series of educationally focused sessions offered in the summer.
  • Handling the Holidays: Educational and supportive sessions focused on ways to cope with the holidays.
  • Presentations: Bereavement Counselors are available to do presentations on issues related to grief & loss and death & dying.
  • Dreams and After Death Experiences: A time-limited group designed to explore and share encounters with loved ones in dreams and events post death. Offered periodically in Mishawaka.
  • Pen & Paper Group: A time-limited writing group that provides opportunities for the expression of thoughts and feelings through guided writings and group support. No writing experience needed. Offered periodically in Mishawaka.
  • Memorial Service: A service of remembrance is offered once year.

For a full listing of our 2020 events, please download our Grief Support Booklet and CHC Grief Services 2020 Dates.

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Additional Resources

There is no right way to grieve. It is an individual process and a natural part of life. Life won’t be the same after a loss, but experiencing your grief will allow you to adjust to life after loss. Grief lasts as long as it takes to adjust to the changes in your life after your loss. It can be for months, or even years. Grief has no timetable; thoughts, emotions, behaviors and other responses may come and go.

There are several resources available to you online if you’re not sure about participating in a support group or one-on-one counseling just yet. Please see the links below. When you are ready, we’re ready for you. Please call our Life Transition Center at (574) 255-1064 and together we’ll help you find the right fit for your journey.