The BreatheEazy program is designed to offer patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) an option for optimal management of their care. When patients with maximally treated COPD would like to avoid further re-hospitalizations and are not candidates for further surgical procedures, the BreatheEazy program can assist the physician, patient and family to manage the symptoms of COPD at home.

The goals of the BreatheEazy program are to:

  • Improve quality of life and help the patient accomplish important goals 
  • Increase the ability of the patient to cope with the illness 
  • Increase family caregiver confidence and coping 
  • Closely monitor and manage symptoms to reduce episodes of crisis
  • Reduce hospital admissions and Emergency Room visits 
  • Reduce emergency overnight phone calls to physician The BreatheEazy program helps patients meet these goals through: 
  • Regularly scheduled visits by staff with specialized training in COPD evaluation and symptom management 
  • A COPD medication kit placed in the home 
  • Specialized protocols and treatment pathways designed for end-stage COPD 
  • Patient education materials specifically designed for end-stage COPD patients
  • Use of emotional, spiritual, and complementary approaches to care as appropriate

 For more information about the BreatheEazy program call Center for Hospice Care,(574) 243-3100 or (800) 467-7423 or (800) 413-9083 out of our service area