How to Get Started with Counseling Services

There is no right way to grieve. It is an individual process and a natural part of life. Life won’t be the same after a loss, but experiencing your grief will allow you to adjust to life after loss.

Grief lasts as long as it takes to adjust to the changes in your life after your loss. It can be for months, or even years. Grief has no timetable; thoughts, emotions, behaviors and other responses may come and go.

Many people don't realize that our Grief and Bereavement services are available to anyone in our eight-county service don't have to have had a patient cared for under our hospice services. We are here for everyone --those with a history with Center for Hospice Care and those without.

There are several resources available to you online if you're not sure about participating in a support group or one-on-one counseling just yet. Please see the links below. When you are ready, we're ready for you. Please call our Life Transition Center at (574) 255-1064 and together we'll help you find the right fit for your journey.