Welcome, Mission and Philosophy

CHC is a independent community-based, not for profit organization providing comfort and support to all people facing the end of life. Our program provides an environment allowing a person with a progressive or incurable illness to live each day in his or her own way - in comfort and dignity, with hope, and with personal satisfaction and worth.

Licensed as both a hospice program and a home health care program, CHC:

  • Allows patients to remain and live at home in dignity while providing support services to the family as well as the patient.
  • Accepts Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and commercial insurance payments. No eligible patient is ever turned away due to an inability to pay for his or her care.
  • Promotes an understanding of life and living, as well as death and dying, among patients, their families, health care professionals and the community.
  • Provides services to residents of health care facilities and their families.
  • Places focus on comfort care for those who are no longer seeking curative treatment.

CHC is licensed in the state of Indiana. We are committed to ensuring your rights and privileges as a hospice patient.