Inpatient Services

Hospice House 

The Family Room at the Elkhart Hospice House.

Center for Hospice Care’s Hospice Houses are designed to provide comfort and compassion in a peaceful, homelike setting.

Spiritual Reflection Room in SB

Your loved one may stay at one of our Hospice Houses when:

  • Supervised, round-the-clock care is necessary

  • Short-term assistance with managing pain or symptoms is required

  • A caregiver needs a brief respite

Hospice House offers:

  • A comfortable, home-like environment
Kitchen area in Elkhart
  • 24-hour-a-day visitation
  • 7 private patient rooms

  • Family room

  • Spiritual reflection room

  • Kitchen

  • Pet visitation

The criteria for inpatient hospice care are established by federal law for Hospice Inpatient Facilities and are not simply local policies. 

The overwhelming majority of our patients die at home, where research over the last several years has indicated most people would prefer to be when they die, and imminent death alone is not an indication of inpatient hospice care. 

The hospice team meets to discuss the needs of each patient before they enter Hospice House. In consultation with the patient’s family and physician, a decision is reached for entry into Hospice House. Hospice continues to explore all other support systems before transferring or admitting a patient to Hospice House. The hospice team begins to develop appropriate discharge plans upon admission to Hospice House. Patients are discharged when the purpose for their admission has been resolved.

Patient care in Hospice House is provided 24-hours-a-day by a registered nurse and home health aide. Other members of the hospice team, including the patient’s own physician, the hospice medical director, social workers, spiritual care counselors and volunteers, also participate in the patient's care.

Patient Room -- Elkhart

We want to be your home away from home and we have no limitations on your visiting hours. You may see your loved one at any time – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Other family members, friends and well-mannered pets are always welcome to visit. In fact, family members may even stay overnight.

Patient Room -- South Bend
Water feature in Elkhart